The Workload delivers every resource a graphical and tabular analysis of his records. At the tabular analysis you will see the hours that you worked too little or too much, for each day a week. These hours are highlighted in color, red for hours you worked too much and green for hours you still have to work or you have worked insufficient.

In the graphical analysis, you have the opportunity to view all your bookings for every day. For this purpose,all the bookings you have made, are added together and displayed graphically as a bar chart. It will display all booked, planned, closed and approved bookings and shown them in different colors. Furthermore your applying working time model will be displayed, also


First Steps

To use the workload, you only have to choose a resource and specify a time period. You also have the option of selecting a complete Team.

Set time period

For the view of the workload it's possible to choose a period of time. Therefor you only have to set your desired values and the whole data will be shown in this time period.

Add resource/Team

To add a resource click on the line Resource. It appears an additional window, where you can select the desired resource, it is also possible to select several resources. For this, select the resources you want and click Add. You confirm your selection with the Ok button.

If the resources are administered with Tems, you are also possible to add a whole Team by click on box line Team.

Afterwards click on Refresh to have a look at the evaluation.

The Evaluation overview

Like described above, it's able to load your data into a graphical and a tabular analysis. If you prefer one of these two views, you are able to hide the other. Click on the Button Evaluation to hide the graphical depiction or on Details to hide the tabular analysis.


At this view you see the selected resources and appropriate the team which belongs to the chosen resource. Additionally, you will see every day of the selected time period, together with the hours defined in the Working Time Model. In that case that there are bookings within the chosen time period, the booked hours are already subtracted from the working time hours. If no working time model existing for the selected resource, the module loads standart values, 40 hours a week and 8 hours a day.

You can also see whether you or another resource working too many hours or too few. For this purpose, the hours are highlighted in color. If the resource worked too little and so have time, the number is highlighted green. In the event that already in one day was too much work, the corresponding number will be highlighted red.



In the graphical analysis you see each work week as a bar chart. These bars contains the bookings and the estimated effort which are shown in color. Also planned, closed and approved bookings are displayed in different color.

In addition to the bookings the various activities (emails, tasks, fax, date etc.) are also displayed and highlighted.

This happens only when the activities are assigned to the appropriate project resource


Furthermore to the bookings and activities displays the evaluation the particular Working Time Model, too. This can be applied individually for each resource. In the analysis the working time model is displayed as bar for each day.

Thus it can be seen easily in turn, if a resource has been working too much or too little.

In case you selected more than one resource, the Evaluation will display Tabs for every resource. Exception the first tab, its named Overall and displays all the bookings and activities of your chosen resources added in one bar a day.

For a more detailed overview about a resource, you have the possibility to choose the tab with the name of the desired resource. Then you will see only the data of the selected resource.


Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Workload in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case