Overview about the module

The Skill Management Module is used to search and create Project resources to projects. Thereby you search for skills of resources like language. You also can see if the resources has free time for more Projects or is already assigned to the project.


With our seamless integration of all proRM modules in CRM, you can access personal search views that you have created. This is especially useful when searching for a specific project. See more information under "CRM" in our wiki.

How I use the Skill Management

To use the Skill Management Module, you have at first select an account. You have the possibility to choose one or more accounts. Open the LookUp and select the desired accounts and click on Add. Afterwards you are able to select a time period, which data should shown. Please note, that the free capacities are depending on the time period.

Click on Refresh after you select the desired data. Now all Projects within the selceted time period and customer are displayed on the right hand side in form of a Project tree. On the left hand side now all resources are shown, which associated with skills. Furthermore you see the Working Time, the Planned Effort, the Availability, the Workload and you can see if the resource is already assign to the selected Project.

For using the Skill Management Module efficiently it is urgent necessary to assing skills to the certain resources and create Skill Categories

Working time

The Working time contains the created Working time model and selected time period. It shows how many hours the respective resource, theoretically, has free for the selected time period.

Planned Effort

The planned effort displays the effort other Projects for the particular resource.


The availability shows you the difference between the working time and the planned effort and displays how many free hours the resource contains at the selected time period.


With the help of the Workload, the Availability is shown in a graphical way. By color highlighted Points you will be able to see the availability on the first view. At this green is for that issue that the resource have hours left whereby red describes the opposite.

Create a Project Resource

To assign a resource to a project, select at first a customer and define a time period. You have also the possibility, to select desired skills via the Skill Category and the menu next to it. Click on Refresh if you have entered all the desired data.

Now select the according resource and move it with the help of drag&drop to the desired project. You have to define a time period, a planned effort and a hourly rate for the project resource, after you moved the resource to the project.

Fill in the desired data and click on Create to assign the resource to the project and create the new project resource.

Filter and view

You have the possibility to limit the search after resources, if you select a Skill Category, at the Skill Management Module. The names of the categories are selectable and the skills also. If you have chosen a desired category, you can select with the help of the menu next to it all assigned skills.

As default all skills are selected. Click after the skill selection on Refresh to accept the changes. Now all resources are displayed which have the desired skills.

With this solution you are able to asssign to every project the perfect resource.

Additonal you have the opportunity to change the view. With the help of the button Project Tree, you can fade in/out the project to have a better overview about the displayed resources.

Skill Search

Additonal it is possible to search after resource skills, without loading accounts.

For that choose at first a desired Skill Category or Skill at the according menu. Furhtermore you can choose the experience of the Skill. Select the desired Skill at the picking list and choose the knowledge which you want to search for. Press now the "Search"-Button to filter for the Resources after the chosen Skills.

The Module, loads now all Resources which own the picked Skills.

Afterwards it is also possible to load some accounts, if you want to assign filtered resources to projects.

For that case select the desired account or accounts and press on the "Refresh"-Button. The selected skills and the associated resources continue remaining, so that you have the oppertunity to assign resources to the projects.

You have also the possibility to open the workload for a selected resource, if you don't want to create new project resources. For that, highlight the desired resource and click on "Show Workload" to open the Workload Module in a new tab.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Skill Management in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case