Projects are an essential part of any project management. You can create projects when you go to Projects&Ressources -> Projects. Here you see all existing projects, and you are able to create them. You can also create projects when you open a customer an go in the navigation bar to Projects. In our basic Module we have projects and subporjects. You can also define if a project has a fixed price or not.


Controlling and ETC (Estimated Time to Complete)are used for later evaluations and proRM Modules like Project Controlling. In addition to that there are several reports to analyze efforts.

Field Name:Description:
Parent ProjectVia this field a treestructure is created in CRM. This structure can be graphically shown in the project tree view
Project NameCreate the project name manually or create your own workflows for this task
Project NumberGive a project number manually or create your own workflows for this task
CustomerLinked to your customer for this project                 
Status ReasonActivate a project to book times
Start DateSet start date
End DateSet an end date if needed
CurrencyThis will be used for invoicing lateron
Hourly RateType in the agreed upon hourly rate for the resources if applicable
DescriptionIn this field the project can be described more detailed
Booking Type ConstraintIf the booking type is restricted only booking types which have been set in the Allowed booking type option are possible
Default Booking TypeThis value will be automatically used for every booking
CategorySpecify the project type for later reports and evaluations
Estimated Effort(h)Type in your estimated efforts if applicable
Project Effort(h)All project efforts are shown here
Project Estimate to CompleteThese are the total efforts for the project to be completed which have been estimated by the resources
Project Estimate to Complete for SubprojectsIn order to evaluate the project estimate to complete more detailed, it is possible to look at the project estimate to complete for each subproject
Project ManagerThe project leader who is responsible for the project and also for the activity approvals
Customer ContactThe main customer contact

Create a Project

There are more ways to create a Project. We recommend for that our Gantt Chart Module.

Furthermore you can create a Project about the form. In this case go to Projects at the left Navigationbar and click on New. Now a new blank Projectform is open. Select a Name for your new Project and fill in all the required data before you press on Save to save new Project. As the Project is saved, your are able to assign Resources to the Project and create Subprojects.

What is a fixed price project?

A fixed price project is different from a normal project (Time & Material) in one point: It has a predefined (fixed) price.

What is a Time and material based project?

First: a Time and Material project has no fixed price. The Project Resource book their activity records to the project, and the billable ones will be invoiced in a bill. You can add a Clearing/Service Items to both project types.

For example if you have a fixed sum for expenses.

What is a Clearing/Service Item?

You can use a Clearing/Service Item in Fixed Price Projects to divide the settlement into any number of sections to pay the Fixed Price. But thats not all you can do: You can use a Clearing/Service Item to invoice the expenese of your resources like travels.

How to create a Clearing/Service Item

To create a Clearing/Service Item you must be a project manager.

Go to your project and click in the navigation bar Clearing/Service Items.


Now click on Add new Clearing/Service Item.


Fill in all needed Data and save the Clearing/Service Item.


If your resources create a new activity record for this project, the expense is automatically assigned to this Clearing/Service Item.

What is ETC?

ETC stands for Estimate-to-Complete. You can Estimate an amount of hours to complete your project. You are also able to estimate an amount of hours for each Project Resource to complete their tasks.

How to enable/disable ETC in a project?

To enable/disable ETC go to your project. At the Additional section you can choose if you want to enable or disable the ETC function.

Allowed Booking Types

In the booking type it is defined how the internal booking types are named and billed. For starters it will be sufficient to have the booking type Billable, Not Billable and perhaps Vacation and Illness. You can also restric the booking types for a project. For example: If you have a Support project for a customer, you can restrict the booking types for this project to "Support" and perhaps "Not billable". If a resource wants to book time to a project, he can only choose between this two booking types.


Field Name:Description:
Client NameClient Name of the booking 
Definitionspecifies if billable or not

How to create a booking type restriction for a project?

First you have to choose a Default Booking Type when you create a new Project. Here you can choose every booking type you want. To restrain now the booking types, choose Booking Type Constraint: Yes. Now you have to define which booking types are allowed. For that go in the navigation bar to Allowed Booking Types. Here You can add all allowed booking types. Save the changes to your project.


If more complex project structures are used, it is possible to assign new projects to an existing main projects via the Subprojects Option.

Project Tree

The Project Tree gives the possibility to easyly access more complex project structures. The project resource as well as the respective customer account are shown directly as well. To read more about it follow this link.


Project Resources


Field Name:Description:
Resource NameThis is an automatically filled field with a combination of the resource and the respective project. 
ResourceThe assigned Resource
ProjectThe assigned project 
Start DateDefines the validity of the resource for the project 
End DateDefines the validity of the resource for the project 
CurrencyFor invoicing purposes
Hourly RateDefined hourly rate of the resource for this project 
Estimated EffortsThe estimated effort for the resource can be specified here 
Total EffortShows the already completed efforts of the resource for this project ´
Estimated to CompleteThe time estimated by the resource to complete the task 

Assign Project Resources

All project resources are added to the projects including an hourly rate and an estimated effort for this project. This makes it possible to look at every Project Resource more detailed.

How do I assign a resource to a project?

Like at the creating of a Project, there are more ways to assign a resource to a Project. You can use the Gantt Chart Module, the Skill Management, the Projekt Planning, the Workload application, or the standart form.

The fastest and easiest way is to use one of the apps we listet above.

To assign a resource with the form to a project go to the projecte to which you want to assign the resource and go to Project Resources. Click Add new Project Resource and fill in all needed Data. Now you have added a new resource to your project.

Please note: before your resource can book activity records to a project, it has to be added as a Project resource. If not, he can´t see the project in any the Time Tracking Clients!


Bookings are booked or approved, but not jet invoiced activity records. You can find them in the project under Bookings. You can also see bookings and expenses if you go in the project to Project Resource. Open the project resource you want to see in detail. After you opened the project resource, you can see all bookings from this resource under "Bookings". You are also able to see all expenses the resource created for this project under Expenses.


Field Name:Description:
StartStarting time of the task
BreakIf applicable
EndEnd of task
Duration (h)result of end - break - start
Billable DurationThis duration is used for the invoicing process. If e.g. 8 minutes are recorded but 15 minutes are to be billed then the billable duration would be 0,25 (15 minutes).
ETC (h)The estimated time of the resource to complete the task
SubjectIs filled in during the booking by the resource
DescriptionDetails about the task
Booking TypeThis defines whether the booking is billable or not
Booking StatusThis shows if the the booking has been booked, approved or billed. 
CurrencyFor invoicing purposes
InvoiceIf the booking is already linked to an invoice 
Hourly RateThe fixed hourly rate of the resource for this project