proRM Workload App gives you a great possibility to observe the availability of your employees and their current workflow in one suitable structure with user-friendly interface. Due to the application, it is much easier to receive the information about time spent by each employee or team to perform their tasks, observe whether they use this time in a productive way, and to get ideas about how to improve their working processes.

proRM Workload App gives you multiple variants of analyzing possibilities. The records of employees can be presented with detailed numerical values or in a graphically enhanced view. You are always able to choose which view suites you more or use both of them.

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How to Use proRM Workload App

To use proRM Workload App, you should choose a Resource and specify a Time Period. Then click Refresh to see required data. You also have the option of selecting a complete Team.

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Set Time Period

To set a time period, specify it in the top menu and click Refresh.

Add Resource/Team

To add a resource, click Resource. In additionally appeared window, select the desired resource. It is also possible to select several resources. In order to do this, click Add and confirm your selection by clicking Ok.

If the required are related to certain team, you are also able to add a whole team by clicking Team.

Afterwards click Refresh to have data overview.

Application Views

proRM Workload App delivers every resource a graphical and tabular analysis of his records. If you prefer one of these two views, you are able to hide another one. Click on the Button Evaluation to hide the graphical descriptions or on Details to hide the tabular analysis.


Details View performs all needed data in a tabular way. It shows workload in hours. You are able to look through the data of a team or a particular employee and to get required information in any chosen time unit.

Due to the application it is possible in this view to see every day of the selected time period, together with the hours defined in Working Time Model. If there is no assigned working model for the selected resource, the application loads default values such as 40 hours per week and 8 hours per day.

It is also possible to see whether you or your employees work too many hours or conversely too less. The color signals of application show this in a suitable way. If the color is green, there are free hours to continue working, if the color is red – this is the sign of overloaded resources.

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In the graphical analysis you see each work week as a bar chart. These bars contain the bookings and the estimated effort in a colorful and visualized way. Planned, Closed and Approved bookings are also displayed in different colors. In addition the various activities such as emails, tasks, fax, date etc. are also displayed and highlighted in this view. It is possible only when the activities are assigned to the appropriate project resource

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It is also a great possibility to understand, whether an employee works according to his Working Time Model or not. The Working Time Model is displayed as a background bar chart for main bar chart and visualize in a clear way if the employee work too much or not enough.

There is a possibility within the proRM Workload App to see personal Working Time Model for each employee.

In case you selected more than one resource, the Evaluation will display Tabs for every resource. The only exception is Overall tab, which displays all the bookings and activities of your chosen resources in one bar chat for one day.

Tip: To have more detailed overview of the resource, it is better to choose only his/her workload chart.

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Chart View

Group option allows user to select a View of Charts in the Evaluation area. Available values are Daily, Weekly and Monthly that means corresponding grouping of bookings and workloads for every resource OR for all displayed resources if Overall tab is active.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the Full Screen Mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward, which is located next to Help icon in the right corner of the application.

To open proRM Workload App in a new Tab click on the icon Open in new tab with a diagonal arrow, which is located next to Help and Full Screen icons in the right corner of the application.

Please be careful: When you open the application in a New Tab, it loads a blank page of the application without early selected data. When you open the application in a Full Screen, it opens with early selected data.