proRM Template Editor App enables you to save templates for frequently used project structures out of proRM Project Gantt App. All given project structure, the phases, work packages, milestones, allocated employees and dependencies are able to be saved as templates and can be re-used as often as you need. With a few simple clicks these templates can be edited to precisely meet current criteria and may then be re-imported.

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How to Use proRM Template Editor App

To use proRM Template Editor App, first select a required template. If you want to edit multiple templates, select some templates and click "Add". proRM Project Template Editor App has exactly the same options as proRM Project Gantt App. However, some settings for the naming of the templates in the first one is more functional.

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Name/Rename Templates

In order to change the name of a template, first enter a new one in the field “Template Name” and then click “Save”. It is useful to specify a version number of the template.

How to Change the Version Number of a Template?

To change the version number of a template, open required template. Under “Template Versio”, enter a new value and press “Save”. Tip: It is useful to change a template version number making modifications of the template. In this case, you do not need to rename the template. Example: from Small Project 2.0 to Small Project 2.1.

How to Change the Project Type of a Template?

The project type can be changed by providing a new value in the “Project Type” box. To save required type, click "Save".

Template Edition

It is possible to edit a template with the same functions you find in proRM Project Gantt App.

Create Project/Subproject

If you want to create a new project, click on “Add Project” in the left vertical navigation bar. To create a new subproject, click on a required project, and then on “Add Subproject” in the same navigation bar.

Please note, that marked project has its terms and that is why date for a new subproject will be already inserted.

Define an Existing Project as a Subproject

You can also anytime define a project as a subproject. To do this, click “Indent” in the left vertical navigation bar. You can also undo this process by clicking “Outdent” in the same navigation bar.

Please note, that the project above the selected project is the parent project. If another project should be the parent project, just move the project up or down, using the arrow.

Delete Projects/Subproject

You can delete a project by clicking the “Delete” in the left vertical navigation bar.

Please note, that if you have a project containing subprojects, all subprojects will be deleted as well. This cannot be disabled.

Add Project Resources

To add a Project Resource to a project, select a required project and click “Add Project Resource” in the left vertical navigation bar. The name of the project will be already initialized.

How to Use "Predecessors"?

The predecessor function allows visualizing dependencies between different projects, project phases and work packages in a fast and easy way. This function enables you to choose different ways of setting connections. For example, it is possible to set a predecessor with a meaning: if the first project ends, the second one starts. It is also possible to set the predecessor as Start to Start (SS) or End to End (FF) schemes. To establish a connection between two elements, first chose a customer. Then, find the elements to be joined, and enter the number of the element that is the predecessor of the second element under "Predecessor". You can also fix an existing Predecessor. If the predecessor is fixed, you have a strong knot between the projects. That means, when you want to change date or duration of projects, you can simply drag & drop them and as a result, both projects will be dragged & dropped.

How to Set a Fixed "Predecessors"?

To fixate a "Predecessors", first you have to set a predecessors like it is described above. After that, make a right click on the existing knot between the projects and choose “Fix”. The knot is now red and fixed.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the Full Screen Mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward, which is located next to Help icon in the right corner of the application.

To open proRM Template Editor App in a new Tab click on the icon Open in new tab with a diagonal arrow, which is located next to Help and Full Screen icons in the right corner of the application.

Please be careful: When you open the application in a New Tab, it loads a blank page of the application without early selected data. When you open the application in a Full Screen, it opens with early selected data.