proRM Fast Tracking App has a user-friendly interface and significant usability. It suites to the best execution of time tracking and expense tracking activity in the most effective way. This application gives its own benefits to users. It is useful in cases, when an immediately booking needs to be done. Due to suitable structure of projects within the application, it is really a fast way to add necessary booking to a certain project.

It is available through CRM and allows to make the entry, if an employee is assigned for the particular project. Despite this application is fast one and does not show the full overview of projects, it gives full options to make a complete booking. Moreover, it is possible to make changes in made entry, to correct the date or description of a certain booking.

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Fields Description

Field name:Description:
Booking allows to create a new booking for the project.
Customer allows to specify the customer.
Project Number shows the project number
Project Name shows the project name
Deadline is the end date of the project
Estimated Hours [h.]are the effort, which has been estimated for the employee 
Employee Effort [h.]are the effort, which has already been booked by the employee 
Estimate to Complete [h.]is the estimated time for the employee to complete his task
Completed [%] is the estimated time to complete the task (in percent)
Attainability shows employee effort and estimate to complete, if the project is running according to plan or is in the escalation phase
Date is a current automatically set date. If the employee would like to do his booking for another day, the date can be set manually.
Refresh updates data. 

New Booking Form Description

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Field nameDescription:
Subject describes the Task
From is Start Date of the booking
To End Date of the booking
Duration [H.] is duration measured automatically according to start and end dates including breaks
Estimate to complete [h.]defines the expected effort until the completion of the task 
Break [h.]is a break duration
Booking State can be selected according to the defined booking types of the project
Description defines the task in a more detailed way
Save saves the booking
Cancel cancels and closes the entry and the form

How to Create a Booking?

To make a fast booking, mark the project and click on the red symbol at the beginning of the line. Then book your time in a new window.

How to Change the Date?

To change the date of you booking, you can choose another one in the top menu in Date or in the New Booking Form.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the Full Screen Mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward, which is located next to Help icon in the right corner of the application.

To open proRM Fast Tracking App in a new Tab click on the icon Open in new tab with a diagonal arrow, which is located next to Help and Full Screen icons in the right corner of the application.

Please be careful: When you open the application in a New Tab, it loads a blank page of the application without early selected data. When you open the application in a Full Screen, it opens with early selected data.