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proRM is a high performance Resource and Project Management Solution which is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics CRM. It allows managing entire business processes from marketing and sales to project controlling and billing in a single environment and without any kinds of media disruption. It consists of user-friendly and business-responsive applications, which can be used separately and in combinations, which suites your unique business model the best:

  1. proRM Project Tree App
  2. proRM Project Gantt App
  3. proRM Budget Planning App
  4. proRM Controlling App
  5. proRM Approval Manager App
  6. proRM Template Editor App
  7. proRM Bulk Booking App
  8. proRM Resource Gantt App
  9. proRM Resource Planning App
  10. proRM Resource Assignment App
  11. proRM Workload App
  12. proRM Tracking App
  13. proRM Fast Time Tracking App
  14. proRM Tracking Manager App
  15. proRM Outlook Tracking App
  16. proRM External Tracking App
  17. proRM Invoicing App

proRM Applications

The unique structure of proRM allows to use applications in different combinations or even separately. Thus, you pay only for what you and your business really need.

Further Support

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