Our Invoicing App allows you to invoice the booked times of your resources. In this case you have the possibility to Import all single, approved bookings of the resources as well as all bookings on a project and additionally all performance and billing items. The application integrates seamlessly into the system, so that the invoicing application is also available on the basic invoicing form in the CRM System.

Please make sure that you have the security role 'RM - Invoicing/Rechnungsstellung'.

First Steps

At projects & resources you will find Invoicing. You will also find Invoicing in the Marketing workspace. By clicking on New, a new invoicing form will be opened.


How to use the Invoicing app?

Before you can use the Invoicing app you have to fill all required fields in the invoicing form. Therefore you have to choose a name that you can choose freely, as well as the customer that mostly is deduced from the Account and the Contact. You also have to choose a pricelist which is also freely choosable and has to be created before you create an invoice. Another important field when creating an invoice is the currency. It will be submitted when creating the invoicing based on your chosen currency in CRM.

To create a new price list, open the Look Up at the end of the line and click on New. In a new window, you can enter the required data.

To import the approved times of your projectresources now, you first have to save the invoicing.. Herefore click on save on the upper left corner, after you have inserted all related data in the form. Only then the left Navigation bar will become active and you can choose the option Invoicing. You will find it at the General section.

Record times in the Invoice

Click on Invoicing on the left navigation bar after creating the invoice.


After starting the app you will see a project tree under Service Positions. This project tree only shows the approved bookings of the project resources. The automatic choosen time period is always the actual month. To see all Projects just open up all of the one you need. You will see the project resources that have upper projects booked on it. Below you see all approved bookings of each project resource. Now you can choose the desired bookings.


Field description:Description:
Refresh DataRefreshes the data with the choosen customer and time period
FromThe start date of the time period
ToThe end date of the time period
ShowHere you can choose between different activity records. You can choose between
Approved, Assigned, Invoiced and Canceled
Service itemsClick to show or hide Service items
Clearing itemsClick to show or hide clearing items 
DescriptionShows all Projects and Project items
Booking DateShows the date of the bookings
TypeShows the Booking and the Project type. Either 'Fixed Price', 'Time and Material'
Booking TypeShows the Booking type
Billable HoursHere are the billable hours shown
Hourly RateHere is the amount of the fixed hourly rate displayed
DiscountHere is the dicount amount shown
SumHere the sum of the invoice is listed
Tax RateHere the selected tax will be shown
TaxHere the calculated tax will be displayed
Total include TaxHere the invoice total is shown including tax
<a href="/xwiki/bin/view/online/Rechnungsstellung#HMehrwertsteuer">Service</a> item typeHere a clearing or service item type has to be choosen


If you haven't set a tax in the invoicing form you can add the needed tax rate it here under Tax. If there was actually no tax created in the CRM System, you can readd one the way like the pricelists. Herefor click on the lookup at the end of the line. A Searchwindow pops up that is searching for several tax rates in your system. Click on New to open a new windows where you have to add all the data for the Tax rate. It simply is a Name for the Tax rate and the Tax rate itself that is used in percent. Go ahead by clicking on safe and close on this form. The needed Tax is now choosen and you can accept your choice by clicking Ok. The Tax will be automatically added on the sum of the service positions and on the total sum of the invoice.

Please note: The Tax as well as the type can't be changed after invoicing!

Service item type

Before you can create the invoice with the desired activity records, you have to specify a Service item type. It can be found next to Total include Tax at the Service item type section. Eventually you have to scroll to the right. You can choose the Type out of different clearing and service types that you can add freely to the CRM system. The clearing resp. the service type can be fixed price or time and material.

To choose a type for the invoicing, click on the lookup symbol at the end of the line. If you want to select a type for the whole project, you can select the type in the line of the listed project. The choosen type will than be also automaticaly assined to the project resources of the project. Assumed you want to choose a different type for every project ressource, you have to choose the corresponding type at the end of the line of the of the desired project resource.

Then a new window is opening, where you can choose the added clearing and service positions.

The type has to merge the type of the project. So either T&M or fixed price.

As far as there are no clearing and service positions in your CRM System, you can catch that up directly. Therefor click on the button New in the opened window. You will be redicted to the clearing and service type form, where you can enter all necessary informations. You can choose the Name freely but it should be useful because the customer can see it later on the invoice. You also have to choose a type. You can choose between Fixed Price or Time and Material.

Safe and close the form to get back to the invoicing. The created clearing resp. the service type is now slected. To agree your choice click on Ok.

Please note: The Service item type can't be changed after invoicing!

Billable Hours

You have the opportunity to change the billable hours in the invoicing. Therefor klick on the field on height of the booking and input the desired value. The same is for the Hourly Rate and the Discount. These values can be changed individually.

Show and hide Service and Clearing Items

To show and hide Service and Clearing Items, press the button Service Items or the button Clearing Items.

Add Invoicing Positions in the invoicing

To be able adding Invoicing Positions in the invoicing, you first of all have to create Service and Clearing Items. You can do that in Projects but you can also do that later.

Service and Clearing Items are always Fixed Price, what means that it is not important how high the price of the expanses is because on the invoicing there will always be the amount of the Service or Clearing Items!

After approving the charges and trips of your project resource and you assigned the appropriate service and clearing items, you can also add the invoice.

To approve the charges you can either open the Time Tracking Approval or directly in the invoicing. In the invoicing you will see all charges and activity entries as well as service and clearing items, that weren't approved and assigned yet are showen in a red bar. To approve the expenses in the invoicing or assign the billing items and to approve it then, choose the relevant expenses and click on Open Related Records. In a new window the Time Tracking Approval is opening with the data of your invoice and the selected expenses, as well as the not allready approved Invoicing Positions. You can now assign the desired expenses of the billing position by Drag&Drop. That is also possible by using the Approve Choosen Expanses button.

You can only approve expanses to not allready booked billing positions.

Now approve the invoicing Positions and go back to invoicing. It will be automatically updated after closing the Time Tracking Approvement and you can now find the expanses you approved before under Invoicing Positions. Now you only have to add the Tax and the Position Type.

Create Invoicing

After you have choosen all relevant service or clearing items and also the types and tax rates you can now create the invoice. Therefor click on the button Create Invoice unter the total ammount.

Please add the service or clearing items only seperated to the invoice!

Complete Invoice

To complete the invoicing go back to the billing form. Click on Run Report there. Choose the proRM Basic Invoice dialog. Now you will see a listing. Now you can safe the invoice in different formats or directly print it.

If the total amount has not been offset against the positions you just added, click on the refresh button

Mark invoice as payed or cancled

If your customer payed the invoice you can also mark the invoice as payed. Herefor click on the button Invoice Payed. You can also add a status. You can choose between Complete and Partially. If you have to cancle the invoice just click on Cancle Invoice.

Generally Questions

What does the red bars means in the Invoicing App?

The red bar shows you that you have bookings, billing positions, expenses as well as not yet assinged expenses that are not approved. To approve a billing position or a booking, click on the element you want to approve and click on related entries. Now the Time Tracking Approval opens and you can assign or approve the expenses.

No bookings were shown

This can have several reasons: The first is that the times were not approved, there are bookings that are not billable or in the selected period, no bookings have been created.

Why are services not shown in the invoice?

If you add the approved times while createing your invoice by clicking the button booked times, go back to the general area of the invoice. Now you can add a tax. When you click on the recalculate button, all amounts are calculated and appear on the invoice.

  • Create a new invoice
    • Open the invoicing
      • Choose the bookings that you want to import into the invoice
        • Approve eventually not yet approved bookings
          • Choose the tax and the type
            • Create the invoice

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Time Tracking Manager in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case