This Guide will show you all you need to know If you use proRM only to record your working time. There will be a Link to a Wiki Side for every Theme with detaild descrioptions.

What are activity records?

Activity records are the form in which you write all the things you do every day. Perhaps there will be a lot of "Meeting with Customer A" activity records in your Calendar.

To book time, log on to your CRM system, and go to "Projects & Resources-> Time Tracking". Here you can book your times on each project you are assigned to. You will find instructions below:

How do I book an activity record?

You can book an activity record in a calendar view (there you can add expenses and travels to your activity records). But if you just want to book your activities in a fast way, you can use the "Fast Time Tracking". There you see a list with all availible projects for the choosen date.

Time Trackin with Caldendar view

Fast Time Tracking

What are expenses?

With the expense entity you can track all the expenses like a buisiness lunch in your CRM. You can also invoice them and charge your customer with it.

How to create an expense?

To book an expense, go to the Time Trackin with Caldendar view.Here you can add an expense to an activity record, or you can add it to a project.

What are travels

If you want to track a buisness trip, you can do that with proRM. If you want to book a buisnes trip, you have to create two travels: the outward trip and the return trip. You can also invoice travels if you like.

How to create travels?

If you want to learn how you can create a travel entry, just follow this link. You can also add travels to other employees if you are a project manager.