In this module you can book times for you and other people in the Calendar view. To reach this module, go to "Projects & Resources" and click on "Time Tracking Manager".


Time booking

To book time you have to choose an employee for whom you would like to book time first. Now you can select the period you would like to book and right-click the selection. Go to “New Appointment”. Now the booking window opens. Choose the project for which you would like to make a time booking, check the date and press „ok“. Now you can see the booking in your calendar.


Field name Description
Projec Treeview Shows you a treeview of all project you are assigned to.
Active ProjectsHere you see all availible tasks.
Subject Here you can fill in the description of your activity record.
Start Fill in the Starttime of your activity record.
End Enttime of your activity record.
Work break If you made a break, you may enter here the time (for 30 minutes enter 0,5).
Duration With the sum of the Start- End and Breacktime the duration of the activty record will be calculated.
ETC Enter here how many hours you estimate to complete this task. If it is comleted, fill in 0.
Booking typeHere you can choose the booking type that is defined in the project.
Description You can add detailed description to your activity record in here.
Plus ButtonBy clicking this button you can add an expense or a travel to your activity record.
Magnifying glass ButtonHere all booked expenses are listed.
Brace ButtonIn this list, all expenses and travels are listed for this month. 
Ok Closes and saves the activity record.
CancelCancels the activity record and closes the booking window.

How do I book a whole working day?

If you want to book a whole working day, you have to click in the Calendar view in the column above the calendar. Now the window to book your time occurs. By default your daily working hours are added. Fill all other data and press “OK”.

Create planned bookings

To plan a new entry, just select the period you want to plan and right-click the selection. Go to Planned Booking. Now the booking window opens. Choose the project for which you want to plan a time booking, check the date and press „ok“. Now you can see the planned booking in your calendar.

Close period

At the time tracking it is possible to close periods. To create a closure select the icon Close period at the right hand menu. Now you can enter a Start and Enddate to close this time period. Additional to that you can leave a comment for additional information. Click on "Close" to confirm your selections.

View closed period

To view the created closures, press the button See closed periods at the right hand menu. Now you cann see all created closures, with start, enddate and comment.

Create Expenses

There are two possibilities to create an expense. The first one, is to create an expense belong to a booking. For this prupose go to the blue plus button at the booking window of created booking or on creation. If the button greyed out, be sure you have selected a Project. A new window displays after clicking on the button, where you can book your expense. The new Expense includes directly the project resource and the booking. To book the Expense now, you have to fill in a Description, so as the Date and the Amount. Furthermore you can upload a document or a picture, for example a picture of an evidence. If you entered all necessary data, klick on Ok to create the Expense and to assign it to the booking.

You have also the possibility to create a travel instead of an Expense, f.e. you are on the way to a customer. On this basis select by creating a expense the checkbox Travel. Now the fill in mask changes and some new fields are displayed which are necessary for the travel. At once you can fill in a Startlocation and a Target, as well as a Distance plus a Typ.

The second opportunity to create an Expense is to select the blue Plus icon directly at the right hand side at the Time Tracking Client. The only difference to the first method is, that you now have to choose a project per hand. You are also able to book a travel, like described above, with this possibility.

View Expenses

If you want to see all your booked expenses, go to the little magnifying glass. Now you can see all your booked expenses for this month.

Change the Date

To change the date you have various options. One option is to change the date on the right hand side. There you will see a little calendar. Choose a week or day, and your view will change to this date. Another way to change the view is, to mark a time in the calendar and right-click the selection. Go to “go to date”.

Change the view

As default the calendar shows the current week view. You also can change the view to month or day by right-clicking on the calendar and going to “change view”. Here you have several choices to change the view.

Change Display mode

To change the Display mode look under the calendar on the right side. There you can choose if you want to see only the planned bookings, the booked bookings or both (mixed).

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Time Tracking Manager in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case