Using the Time Tracking Approval app, you approve the booked activity records and clearing items of your resources. You have different possibilities to filter the activity records and clearing items. And if an entry was accidentally approved or changes need to be made: no problem! You can undo the approval if the entry is still not included in an invoice.


How do I use the Approval Manager?

To view booked activity records and clearing items, choose a company and go on Refresh data. Now all projects, their resources, and the individual postings of your resources appear.

Approve Bookings

To approve the bookings choose an account and click on Refresh. Now all projects and bookings of this account will be shown. On the left hand side you can see how much of the time is billable. To approve one or more booking mark them and click Approve. Now the bookings are approved.

Approve Clearing Items

To approve a clearing item, select a customer and click Refresh. Now, all clearing items using a project tree are displayed in the lower half of the screen. Select the clearing items and click Approve. The settlement is now approved.

How do I undo an approval?

If you want to undo an approval, first search the company out. Then choose Selected booking Status: Approved. Now, all already approved but not yet invoiced activity records and clearing items are displayed. Select the item for which you want to undo the approval and press Undo approval. Now, the element is again in the view booked and editable.

How do I assign an unassigned Clearing Item?

To assign unassigned clearing items (unassigned expenses), choose the company and click on Refresh. Now, you will see Unassigned clearing items on the left side. Select one or more and drag the additional items via drag & drop to the clearing item to which you want to assign the additional costs.

The Filter functions

You can filter activity records to faster find the right entries. On the one hand, you can use the date if you want to restrict the period of the booking. Further it is possible to search for the project and the booking type of the desired activity records.

Filter activity records through the project

To filter performance entries through the project, select a company account and a project of the company. If necessary adjust the date and press Update. Now all performance entries that have been posted to the selected project are displayed.

Filter activity records through the booking type

To filter "Booking types" box, choose whether you want to display only billing performance entries, holidays, support performance entries, etc by a specific customer. Press Update to display the entries.

Show approved activity records

You can modify the view of the Time Tracking Approval app that only approved performance entries are visible. Choose "Select state" and "Approved". Now press Update. All approved activity records and clearing items are now displayed.

Show / hide clearing items

To Show or hide clearing items, click on the Clearing Items button. If the button is clicked, items are not displayed.


View: Only Service items

Show / hide activity records

To Show or hide activity records, click on the Service Items button. If the button is clicked, items are not displayed.


View: Only Clearing Item

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Approval Client in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case