As a project manager with proRM are able to plan your projects, monitor and control them. To help you get started in our product, we have provided some videos for you. In addition, we have a tutorial with which you can install proRM and create first data in your CRM system. After completing this tutorial, you are able to create employees, manage and create projects, create activity records and approve them. The perfect introduction to our product.

The project planning module

With this module, you can plan your projects in advance to avoid bottlenecks. For more information, please follow this link Project Planning.

The Gantt Chart Module

The Gantt chart Module which we offer as a new module opens up new possibilities. Now you can import projects from MS Office in our Gantt Chart. We provide you with a detailed instruction on how you can store templates, create projects, assigne employees, and import MS Office Data. Please follow this link The Gantt Chart Module.

How to create a project that is not overbookable?

To create a project that is not overbookable, make sure that when you create a new project, in the "Controlling" section the box "overbookable" is selected "no".

Not overbookable.png

How do I define permissible booking types in the project?

You can limit the booking types, with which employees on the project can book time. To do this, you need to select first 'Limitation the booking type' under "Controlling". Please save this setting.


Then go to "show allowed booking types" (left navigation bar in the project). Here you can now choose the permissible types of booking with "Add existing booking type".