The functions of proRM Tracking Manager App transform observational managerial role to an active one. Apart from controlling employees’ workflow and current progress within the projects, it gives you a chance to make personal bookings as well as bookings for your employees. It allows you to create expenses and add them to the system along with reports and receipts. It is also possible to perform those operations for your employees’ expenses.

It is extremely easy to correct mistakes in bookings, edit them and shift necessary bookings between projects and subprojects.

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Fields Description

Field name Description
Project Tree View shows a tree structure of all projects
Active Projectsshows available projects
Subject describes the task
Start is a Start Date of booking
End End Date of booking
Work Break If you made a break, you can enter here the time (for 30 minutes enter 0,5).
Duration is a calculated duration of a booking taking into account the sum of the Start- End and Break Time
ETC  is the estimated time for the employee to complete his task
Booking Typedefines the booking type
Description defines the task in a more detailed way
Plus Buttonadds an expense or a travel to booking.
Magnifying Glass Buttonlists all booked expenses
Brace Buttonlists all expenses and travels for this month
Ok closes and saves the activity record
Cancelcancels the activity record and closes the booking window.

How to Create a Booking?

To book time, first choose an employee for whom you would like to make a booking. Then select the period to book and right-click the selection. Click New Appointment and booking window opens. Choose the project for which you would like to make a time booking, check the date and click Ok. Now you can see the booking in your calendar.

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How to Book a Whole Working Day?

There are several possibilities to book a whole working day.

You can click twice the highest line in your Calendar View and the window to book your time appears. Your daily working hours will be added by default. Fill in other data and clock Ok.

You can make a right click in your Calendar View as for creating normal bookings and in appeared window mark Duration Based. Fill in other data and clock Ok.

You can open your Month Calendar View and open a window for creating normal booking. You will see in the window that Duration Based status is marked. Fill in other data and click Ok.

How to Create Planned Bookings?

To plan a new entry, just select the period you want to plan and right-click the selection. Go to Planned Booking. Now the booking window opens. Choose the project for which you want to plan a time booking, check the date and click Ok. Now you can see the planned booking in your calendar.

How to Create Expenses?

There are two possibilities to create an expense. The first one, is to create an expense belonged to a booking. In order to do this, go to the Blue Plus button at the booking window of created booking or on creation.

Please note if the button is grey, you have not selected a project yet.

After clicking on the button, a new window displays. You can book your expense there. The new Expense includes the information about project resource and the booking. In order to book the Expense, fill in a Description, Date and Amount. Furthermore, you can upload a document or a picture, for example a picture of an evidence. If you entered all necessary data, click Ok to create the Expense and to assign it to the booking.

You have also the possibility to create a Travel instead of an Expense. In order to do this, go to the Blue Plus button at the booking window of created booking or on creation. Click in the checkbox Travel. Now you have a possibility ti fill all necessary for trips data such as Start and End Dates, Amount, Distance and Type.

The second opportunity to create an Expense is to select the Blue Plus button directly at the right side of proRM Tracking App. The only difference between this method and the first one is that you should choose a project by yourself. You are also able to book a travel using this method.

How to See Expenses?

If you want to see all your booked expenses, click Blue magnifying glass in the top menu. Now you can see all your booked expenses for current month.

How to Change the View?

You have a possibility to change a view to Day View, Work Week View, Week View, Month View and Timeline View within the application. To do this, make a right click on a calendar and you will see the option Change View to. Then click the view, which you need and the application view will be changed.

By default, the calendar shows the current Week View.

How to Go to Current Date?

Any time you need to go back to the current day entries, not depending wherever you are in the application, you can click Today under the little calendar in the right side corner of the proRM Tracking Manager App.

How to Close a Period?

At proRM Tracking Manager App it is possible to close periods. To create a closure select the icon Close Period at the right menu. Then enter a Start and End Date to close this period. Additionally you can leave a comment for this activity. Click Close to confirm your selection.

How to View Closed Period?

To view the created closures, click See Closed Periods in the right menu. Now you can see all created closures, with start, end date and comment.

How to Change the View?

You also can change the view to month or day by right-clicking on the calendar and going to “change view”. Here you have several choices to change the view.

How to Change Display Mode?

To change the Display mode, choose it in the lest top menu. You are able to see Planned bookings, Booked Bookings or both of them in a Mixed mode.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the Full Screen Mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward, which is located next to Help icon in the right corner of the application.

To open proRM Tracking Manager App in a new Tab click on the icon Open in new tab with a diagonal arrow, which is located next to Help and Full Screen icons in the right corner of the application.

Please be careful: When you open the application in a New Tab, it loads a blank page of the application without early selected data. When you open the application in a Full Screen, it opens with early selected data.