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With the help of proRM Resource Assignment App, you can view the expertise profiles of your employees in just a few clicks. The application allows you to be confident that you fully utilize the abilities of your employees and thereby provide clients with the highest levels of available services. As soon as you find an employee with required skills, you can assign him/her to a project within the application.

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How to use proRM Resource Assignment App

To use proRM Resource Assignment App, first select a customer. You have the possibility to choose one or more of them by clicking Add. Then enter needed time period.

Please note, that the free capacities depend on the period.

Click Refresh after selecting needed criteria.

In the left part of the application, there is a list of resources with associated skills. In the right side all appropriate projects are displayed in a Project Tree.

For using proRM Resource Assignment App more efficiently, it is necessary and important to create Skill Categories and assign skills to the certain resources Furthermore you see the Working Time, the Planned Effort, the Availability, the Workload and you can see if the resource is already assigned to the selected Project.

Working time

The Working time contains the created Working Time Model and Selected Time Period. It shows how many free hours the respective resource has for the selected period of time.

Planned Effort

The Planned Effort displays the effort of the particular resource spending for other projects.


The Availability shows the difference between the Working Time and the Planned Effort and displays how many free hours the resource contains at the selected time period for respective project.

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With the help of the Workload due to color signals it is possible to see in a single glance, if the resource is available for needed hours for certain project. If Workload is green, the resource is available, if it is red – not available.

Create a Project Resource/ Assign Resource to a Project

To assign a resource to a project, select at first a customer and define a time period. You have also the possibility, to select desired skills via the Skill Category and the menu next to it. Click Refresh, if you have entered all the required data. Now select a necessary resource and move it with the help of drag & drop function to the desired project. You have to define a time period, a planned effort and a hourly rate for the project resource, after you moved the resource to the project. Fill in the desired data and click Create to assign the resource to the project and create the new project resource.

Filter and View

You have the possibility to make your search more precise by using Skill Category filtrating. The names of the categories are selectable as well as skills. If you have chosen a desired category, you can select with the help of the menu, which is located next to it, all assigned skills. By default, all skills are selected. Click after the skill selection on Refresh to accept the changes. Now all resources, which have the desired skills, are displayed. Due to proRM Resource Assignment App you are able to assign the most appropriate resource to every project.

Change the View

Additionally you have the opportunity to change the view. With the help of the button Project Tree, you can fade in/out the project to have a better overview about the displayed resources.

Skill Search

Additionally it is possible to search after resource skills, without loading customers’ data.

In order to do this, at first choose a desired Skill Category or Skill at the menu. Further you can choose the Experience of the Skill. Select the desired Skill at the picking list and choose the knowledge, which you want to search for. Then click Search to filter the resources by the chosen Skills. The application now loads the list of required resources.

Afterwards it is also possible to load some customer’ data, if you want to assign filtered resources to projects. In order to do this, select the desired customer or customers and click Refresh. The selected skills and the associated resources continue remaining, thus you have the opportunity to assign resources to the projects.

You have also the possibility to open the workload for a selected resource, if you do not want to create new project resources. For that, highlight the desired resource and click on Show Workload to open proRM Workload App in a new tab.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the Full Screen Mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward, which is located next to Help icon in the right corner of the application.

To open proRM Resource Assignment App in a new Tab click on the icon Open in new tab with a diagonal arrow, which is located next to Help and Full Screen icons in the right corner of the application.

Please be careful: When you open the application in a New Tab, it loads a blank page of the application without early selected data. When you open the application in a Full Screen, it opens with early selected data.