proRM Outlook Tracking is developed in conjunction to the Microsoft Outlook and the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client. With this application, it is possible to create Bookings directly from MS Outlook. As well you can create Bookings out of Activities and Appointments from our Outlook or Outlook Calendar.

Please note, it is impossible to use proRM Outlook Tracking without the MS Dynamics CRM Outlook Client. At the Moment we are not support CRM 2015 for Outlook - but you are able to use CRM for Oultook for your CRM Dynamics 2015 Organization

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How to Install proRM Outlook Tracking?

For installing the application you have to run the .msi-File from the unzipped folder and follow the Installation instructions.

- Click on Next to start with the Installation.

- Read and accept the License Agreement to continue with the Next button.

- Now choose the Installation path and continue with the Next button.

- Start the Installation with clicking on the Install button.

- After the data is copied and the program is completely installed, run the Setup with clicking on the Finish button.

- Then restart the Microsoft Outlook, if it was run.

- New proRM tab is added to your Outlook. Click it to start using.

How to Use proRM Outlook Tracking?

proRM Outlook Tracking has four main functions which you can use. You are able to create Normal Bookings; Planned Bookings; Edit Bookings and create Expenses.

How to Create Normal Booking?

There are two different ways to create a Normal Booking. One solution is to choose the proRM tab in your Outlook. You will see different buttons, to create a new booking select Normal Booking. A new Window will be opened including all the required fields for your Booking. Enter the Subject, the Start and End date and choose the desired Project. Additionally you have the possibility to fill in a Break, an ETC (Estimation to complete) value, the Booking type and a Description of the Booking. After filling in the required data and choosing the Project, click on OK to create the Booking.

Furthermore it is possible to create a Duration Based Booking. For this tick the control box Duration Based in the booking window. Now you can fill in the Duration directly into the according field.

With proRM Outlook Tracking it is also possible to create new Bookings out of Activities and Appointments in our Outlook Calendar or Task List.

In order to do this choose by right clicking the desired entry in your Outlook Calendar. Select in the context menu the point Normal Booking and create the Booking.

The Subject and the Start/End Date is here filled in by default, out of the appointment entry, but you can also customize it.

To book out of an Activity is similar like the Booking out of the Calendar entry. Open your Tasks in the Outlook and choose the desired Activity. By right clicking you can also select the Menu item Normal Booking. Fill in the required data, choose the Project and click on OK to create the Booking.

How to Create Planned Booking?

Like in our Time Tracking Calendar Application you have also the possibility to book Planned Booking in the Time Tracking AddIn.

In general it is the same way like the creation of a Normal Booking. Just select the item Planned Booking instead of the Normal Booking in the proRM Tab or the context menu. The entering path is similar in this case.

How to Edit Bookings?

Additionally you have the possibility to edit the created bookings. To do this select the Menu item Edit Bookings. You will find it in the Tab menu in your Outlook and in the context menu by right clicking on an Activity or Appointment.

By click on Edit Booking a new window will be opened. It shows a project tree with all projects you are assigned to with the created bookings.

If you want to edit a booking you have to select the desired one and click on the Edit button. After that the known booking mask will open with the filled in data and you can edit the entered items freely.

Furthermore you can also delete the Booking entry. Just select the desired Booking in the project tree and click on the Delete button and confirm your decision.

How to Create Expense?

In addition to the time tracking functionality you are able to create Expenses via the Add Expense button which you will find in the proRM Tab Menu.

After clicking on the Add Expense button, the proRM Expense form is displayed in a new window, where you can fill in all the required, select the project out of the project tree and choose between a Travel and a normal Expense. If you want to create a Travel expense you have to tick the control box what is called Travel and enter additionally the Start and End Location (called From and To in the form) and the Expense Type which is freely selectable.

Save the Expense by clicking on the Ok button.

Furthermore, it is possible to create a new Expense out from the booking mask by click on the blue button with the plus after selecting a Project.