With the License Manager you can check for which modules you have licenses, how many you have and if they are active.


Field name: Description:
Refresh Refreshes the selected time period and shows the corresponding data
Import Imports the selected license 
Activate Activates the selected license 
Deactivate Deactivates the selected license
Delete Deletes the selected license 
Purchase license Here you can purchase a new license
Select Select a license
Status Shows the current status of the license
Name Shows the license name
Screen nameShows the screen name
Module Shows the module of the purchased license
Major Version Shows the major version of the license
Minor Version Shows the minor version of the license
Valid from Start date of the purchased license
Valid until End date of the purchased license
License Type Shows the license type
User number Shows the number of users for the license
License Key Shows the activation key for the license 
Security role Shows the security role of the particular employee
Status Graphically shows the current status of the license
Statusreason Shows the validity of the license

Import license

To import a license, click the „Import“ button. Now the License Manager window opens. Click “Add new License”.

Now you can choose your license key.

Please note: The License Key is a *.xml file!

You now need to choose the Business Unit for which you want to import the licenses. You can find the name of your Business Unit in the right top corner beneath your Login Name. After choosing the Business Unit you will see three columns. In the first column are the modules, the second one shows the Security Role with which you can assign people to the modules, and the last one shows the Business Unit in which the license is active. After you checked everything click “Import”. Now the new license will be imported.

How do I verify if my license is valid?

You can check if your license is valid in the first place when you look at the “Valid From” and “Valid To”. Secondly you can see in the columns “Status” and “Status Reason” if the imported Licenses are valid.