The mobile Client allows you to record your activity records with all mobile devices. Thereby it makes no difference what mobile device you use.

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How to use the mobile Client?

To use the mobile Client, go to the mobile Client Website. now you can log into the client with your CRM user and password. You also have to insert the name of your [[LicenseCRM Organization]]. After you’re logged in, you see the activity records for this week.

Please note: The mobile Client Website must be installed on your CRM server to work. If you don´t know if it is installed, ask your Admin.


How to book an activity record

To book a new activity record, press the + on the right side. Now the booking window opens. Fill in all needed Data and press the check mark to save your new entry. Now you can see your activity record in the mobile Client and as well in the Time Tracking calender view in the CRM System.

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How to change an existing activity record?

To change an existing activity record, chose the one you want to change. Now the Booking window opens and you can make changes. As soon as you press the the check mark, your changes are saved.

What does the attention sign mean?

It happens that an activity record is not valid. If this happens, the activity record is colored red and an attention sign is visible.

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Most of the time, this happens when a mandatory field is not filled. Just click on the activity record and fill in the mandatory data. In the field “Validation Errors” the reason for the validation error is displayed.

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