Knowledge Based Articles and Known Issues

Invalid License Error



Invalid License Error occurs when clickin on a proRM App.


After you imported the proRM Solution, you must assign the proRM security roles to your user. You can do that under 'Settings -> User-> Security Roles'. Check also if you imported the License Key into your sytem (Settings -> License Manager). Please press F5 to reload your browser.

Additional Comments

Have also a look to our Wiki site! License manager

Sitemap was removed



During Customization the proRM-Sitemap was changed/or removed.

The Sitemap should be restored to use the Product.


The Sitemap-Customization are stored to each CRM-Solution and have to be reinstalled.

Additional Comments

If the Sitemap was Customized in the System, this changed the Sitemap in Systemcore.

Application crash after Registration of Trial


Description about the problem

During the installation of proRM by using the installation tool, the application crash after sending registration.

The Installation Wizard is not responding and stopped working.

Each time the Wizard is used the same problem occours.

Steps to solve

Load the latest product version of proRM

Register for a free Trial license to recieve a license file

Restart the installation wizard and use the trial license for the installation. (XML-File)

Setup Wizard

Importing error with Solution form Pinpoint


Description about the problem

While importing of the solution, which was downloaded via Pinpoint, an error occurs and it is not possible to import the solution

Steps to solve

With the download of proRM via Pinpoint our solution is zipped one more time, so you have to unzipp the downloaded file once, before you start the import.


For more Information visit our Wiki: Pinpoint

Using the proRM installation wizard via Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012


Description about the problem

By using Windows 8.1 or Windows Server 2012 the Connection test can end in a error message although you filled in all required data in the fields.

This happens because of the fact that under Windows 8.1 and from Windows Server 2012, the Windows Identity Foundation Feature is disabled as default.

Steps to solve

To solve this Problem and install proRM succesful you have to activate the Windows Identity Foundation Feature manually.

Via "Programs and Features" in the Settings Panel you will find the menu item "Turn Windows features on or off" on the left sitemap. Open it and search for the Feature "Windows Identity Foundation".

Activate this Feature by selecting the check box next to the Feature.

After this step the Setup and the Installation of proRM will work successfull

CRM 2015 for Outlook is not supported with the current Version of proRM Outlook Tracking (4.0.5555.30886)


Description about the problem

The current Version of proRM Oultook Tracking (4.0.5555.30886) cannot connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook. You are facing the issue if you receive a "No CRM Connection" after installing CRM 2015 for Outlook using the latest Version of proRM Oultook Tracking

Steps to solve

The proRM Outlook Tracking can establish a CRM Connection if you don't install the CRM 2015 for Outlook. You can still use the CRM 2013 for Outlook even though your CRM environment got upgraded to Dynamcis CRM 2015 without any Limitations


If you should have furhter questions please contact our Support via

Selecting records via Lookup Fields in Silverlight Applications is not working after CRM Online Update


Description about the Problem

With the latest Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Update the Lookups for data selecting in the proRM Silverlight Applications are not working anymore as expected. On open a lookup and selecting a data record the record is not applied to the lookup.

The affected Version of CRM online is: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online 2015 Update ( (DB

Steps to solve

As Workaround you can simple key in the desired record Name into the lookup - with this way you are able to use the Software without any limitations.

A solution for this issue will be contained in one of the next Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online Updates


If you should have furhter questions please contact our Support via

Store your Credentials for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook



This article is related to the proRM Outlook Version 5.0.5784.22404 or higher.

Since the release of "Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook" it is necessary to save the own credentials into the Windows Credential Manager in order to use the proRM Outlook AddIn.

More Information regarding the Windows Credential Manager can be found here:

Additional Information

Following the installation or update of the proRM Outlook Addin you have to follow these steps to establish a connection successfully:

- Open the 'Credential Manager' via the Control Panel

- Select 'Windows Credentials'

- Click on 'Add a generic credential' (blue highlighted)

- You are getting forwarded to a new page, where you are able to fill in the Internet adress, your user name and the Password

- As Internet address we use here the address of your CRM organization including some parameters: as example: Your CRM System is reachable via:


For the Internet address we have now to add following:


- User name and Password are the same as for your normal Login on the CRM System

- Save the new credentials via the Ok Button

After the restart of your Microsoft Outlook is it now possible to establish a connection to CRM