In this installation guide you will find all the necessary information to install proRM in a new CRM system or to update an existing installation of proRM.

Before you start with the installation or update you need the following things:

  • proRM solutions (Download proRM solutions and extract them.) 
  • proRM license purchase license
  • Running Reportingservices (proRM used the CRM reporting and they must be functional)
  • Administrator rights

proRM Installation

If the installation of proRM is finished please go to "first steps" to administrate the solution

Prepare the installation of proRM

  • before the installation check if the standard CRM-Reports can be used
  • Download the proRM solution and unpack the proRM zip. All our Modules begin with "RM_" followed by a versionnumber and at the end ""
  • Aktivate needed languages (we support german and english)
  • The Logged in user must be the CRM- administrator with all rights

Installing proRM 2013 basic module

To install proRM go under "settings" to the solutions. Then, by clicking the "import" button the "proRM 2013 basic module can be installed. In the next steps, CRM shows the solution information and starts the installation. It is important that all processes are enabled, since the full scope of Funktion of proRM is only available if this option is activated.This step can take several minutes depending on the system performance. Let the browser intact and wait for the completion of the installation. Finally CRM shows an installation overview and specifies details about the course of the installation. If there is a warning concerning missing "label", proRM is installed under a different language or there is not the right languag activated in your system.

Installing proRM 2013 modules

After the base solution is installed, the other solutions can be imported in the CRM system. This import follows the steps before described. Wait for the completion of the installation.

proRM Update

If the proRM was updated, you can continue using the solution. Should new modules have been installed, check the correct distribution of their valid licenses first, so that all applications can be used without any problems.

Prepare your System for the Update

Before the installation of proRM, check whether the standard CRM reports can be run. (Workspace-> reports-> any run) proRM installed and used also reports and can be installed only at Funktionsfähigen Reportingservices.

  • Provide the proRM solutions. (All solutions have a name "RM_" followed by a "Version number" and finally "managed".zip).
  • Enable needed languages if they are needed. (Supported languages are German and English).
  • The logged in user must be the CRM administrator!heck whether all processes (workflows) were allocated to the installer.

Update proRM 2013 Basic Module

After the base solution has been updated import the other solutions as described and install it, by means of "Override" to to apply all customizations in the new solution.

Import proRM licenses

Licenses are required for the use of proRM which can be entered after using License Manager. To note is that each license used a specific security role for the CRM user, which must be assigned to each employee. Thus, it is possible to grant access only to selected employees.

Set up proRM

After the installation of proRM you can continue with the first steps.