Timetracking Client

The time tracking functionality can be accessed via the CRM task bar and can also be shown in the user´s workplace Time bookings are only possible if the signed in user was assigned to an active project since every user is only able to view his assigned projects.


Time tracking Screen-Main dialogue

Field name:Description:
BookingVia this button users can create a new booking for the project 
CustomerHere the customer account for the project is specified 
Project NumberThis shows the project number
Project NameThis shows the project name
DeadlineThe end date of the project
Estimated Hours[h.]The effort which has been estimated for the employee 
Employee Effort [h.]The effort which has already been booked by the employee 
Estimate to Complete [h.]The estimated time for the employee to complete his task
Completed [%]According to the estimate to complete the process of the project for the employee is shown (in percent)
AttainabilityHere it can be seen with respect to the employee effort and estimate to complete if the project is running according to plan or is in the escalation phase
DateThe current date is automatically set. If the employee would like to do his booking for another day, the date can be set manually.
RefreshAfter the date is changed, click the refresh button to update the project list

Input Mask


Field nameDescripton:
SubjectThis field describes the Task
FromStart of the booking
ToEnd of the booking
Duration [H.]The duration is measured automatically according to start and end time including breaks
Estimate to complete[h.]This defines the expected effort until the completion of the Task 
Break [h.]A break can be typed in here as a decimal if applicable 
Booking StateCan be selected according to the defined booking types of the project
DescriptionHere the task can be defined in a more detailed manner
SaveThe booking is closed and the entry is saved 
CancelThe entry is cancelled and the input mask closes 

Booking Time

To make a time booking go to the project line and click on the red symbol at the beginning. Now a window opens and you can book time to your choosen project.

Change the Date

To change the date of you booking, you can modify the date in the overview under “Date”. You can also change the date in the booking window.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Fast Time Tracking in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case