This Application allows you to rebook activity records in an easy and fast way.


How to use the Bulk Booking App

This application will help you to rebook activity records form one project to another. You can switch one or several activity records to another project. Before you can rebook any activity records, you have to choose an accountant for each side. Start with the “Source” side and choose the accountant in which the activity records you want to switch are included. Choose the accountant for the “Target” side and click “Refresh”. Now you can see on both sides a project tree with accountants and all their projects.

How to rebook one or more booked activity records

First, you have to choose the accountants for the "Source" and "Target" siedes and press "Refresh". To rebook activity records, highlight the desired activity records and drag it to the right project using drag & drop. Please keep in mind that activity records can be moved only from one project to another. The employee remains the same. As soon as the booking is successfully moved, the activity records appear green on the target page. Now press "Save" to save the changes.


What does „Start Date and End Date" mean?

The Start- and End date define the Dates the activity record starts and ends.

What are „Duration/ Actual Effort" mean?

The column Duration has two functions:

At the project level it shows the summarized Effort of all bookings that are booked to the project.

On the booking Level you can see the duration of the activity record.

What does „Hourly Rate" mean?

The column „Hourly Rate “shows the Hourly Rate of the Project Member in this project.

What are „Booking Type/ Number" mean?

The column „Booking Type/ Number “has two functions:

At the project level it shows the project number.

On the booking Level you can see the Booking Type of the activity record.

What does „Estimated Effort" mean?

The Estimated Effort shows you the estimation of the project manager for this project.

Full Screen Mode and New Tab

To activate the full screen mode click the icon Full Screen with the arrows outward. It is located in close proximity to the help button. Right beside it there is another Symbol with a diagonal arrow. This Icon will open the Bulk Booking in a new Tab.

Be Careful: When you open the app in a new tab, it loads a blank Module, without the projects that you selected earlier. For the full screen mode, this isn't the case